Secret Shipping Rack Strategy

What Is The Most Efficient Shipping Rack Strategy?

Shipping racks are essentially steel frames that can be stacked for optimal logistics and storage results. For this reason, companies can save space in their warehouse and lower logistics costs. In fact, not only can they save storage and capital, but they can also lower the amount of waste since these racks are durable and reusable. Also, a shipping rack can lower the amount of reorders since these racks can be reused.

In the packaging industry, a shipping rack strategy is a commonly utilized to enhance product safety and to efficiently transport products. The reason for this is because shipping racks contain a variety of benefits due to their unique structural frames. In contrary to the alternative solutions, these racks will outlast the competition and are more reliable for long term usage.

Our packaging design team can design a variety of custom shipping racks to help companies receive best pricing for their packaging needs. Ultimately, the highest quality design and build are essential for a successful material flow product. Therefore, we strive to provide the best possible outcome for all customers as creating value is important to us. That being said, we will discuss different shipping rack strategies and explain how they can be beneficial to your company.

Shipping Rack Strategy #1 – Base Design

The first shipping rack strategy is to begin with properly building the base. Usually, a base design is produced to accommodate for the forklift forks to enter the base of the frame. As a result, the shipping rack is now enabled to be lifted from the bottom to either move or stack with ease. After all, a shipping rack is a heavy structured frame and will always require a forklift so an effective base design is essential.

The base structure plays a vital role for all shipping racks. To clarify, there are more than one style of base to choose from and the choice will depend on the customer’s requirements. The main factor that influences the customer’s choice is the pricing as all options have various price points.

In essence, a shipping rack will always require a unique and robust base as they allow steel frames to be shipped at a cost-effective rate. To learn more about the different styles of rack bases utilized for shipping racks, click here.

Secret Shipping Rack Strategy 3
Shipping Rack Strategy #2 – Stacking Features

The second shipping rack strategy is to effectively stack these racks vertically. As mentioned earlier, the purpose for this is to save warehouse storage and optimize logistics. Essentially, these shipping racks need to be vertically aligned, but how can this be done safely without having the heavy steel structures fall off? The operator safety is crucial and cannot be compromised so a robust solution is inevitable.

The main method utilized to enable safe stacking is to weld stacking caps on top of each shipping rack. Basically, durable stacking caps are assembled on all four top corners which allows the racks to stack on top of one another. The reason for this is because the bottom four corners of the shipping rack are hollow, and when you place one rack on top of another, the bottom hollow portion with be filled with the top extruding stacking cap. Overall, this stacking method is reliable and is a great choice to ensure safety for all parties involved.

Secret Shipping Rack Strategy 1
Shipping Rack Strategy #3 – Efficient Stacking

The final shipping rack strategy is learning how to efficiently stack shipping racks. To explain, there are certain dimensions you don’t want to exceed if you want to successfully optimize logistics. Typically, a design engineer will design the height of these racks to a specific number to avoid surpassing the optimal threshold. The reasoning behind this is because you want to fit as many shipping racks in a freight trailer as possible. Consequently, the more shipping racks you can fit during one trip, the less amount of trucks that will be required, which ultimately saves costs.

The height dimensions that cannot be exceeded come in three variations: 25”, 34” and 50”. Surely, a designer will design and build with these height restrictions in mind. To further explain, these dimensions are chosen because the inside height of the freight trailer is typically around 102”. For this reason, the height limitations are created because we want to efficiently stack 2 to 4 shipping racks vertically at one time. Basically, if you divide the inside height of the freight trailer (102”) by 2, 3 or 4, then you will roughly achieve the height dimensions that will provide the best value. To learn more about optimizing shipping racks, click here.

Secret Shipping Rack Strategy 2

In order to successfully and effectively produce these shipping racks, a 3D model will be required to visually see the product prior to build. Without the use of a design software, it will be very difficult to accurately construct these steel frames for optimal use. For that reason, our team consists of highly trained design engineers that can provide innovative design solutions for all your packaging problems.

These strategies are utilized in the rack industry by all returnable packaging companies. The industry is competitive and providing the customer with best pricing is ideal for all parties involved. Therefore, these methods are essential to remain relevant and to continually build trust with all customers.

In summary, all three strategies are to be utilized simultaneously in order to build a functioning and safe shipping rack. If you are unsure which option to choose from or where to start, then please contact a packaging professional to guide you and to provide you the best optimal solution.





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