3 Unique Custom Fabricate Base Styles

What are the Different Custom Fabricate Base Styles & Which Base is the Most Commonly Used?

Steel racks are great solution for your returnable packaging needs and all racks contain a standard style base. Essentially, these custom fabricate bases serve an important role as they’re designed to enable the forklift to lift and move the steel frame with ease.

In this article, we will discuss a few different examples of these custom fabricate bases and explain which base is the most commonly used and why.

1. Truss Style Base

Truss style bases are the most robust option but not the cheapest. As a result, these rack styles are not the most commonly utilized but are still a great option in the returnable packaging world. In fact, some companies prefer to spend extra for this option as these bases are regarded as a safer long term investment.

The design of this custom fabricate base consists of a thick flat rolled steel sheet bent to form a “U” shape and then welded on to a steel tube. Also, steel angles are welded spaced apart to create pockets for the forklift forks to enter for lifting. With this simplistic design, the manufacturing team are able to produce these bases with ease and at a fast rate.

2. Casters with a Floor Lock Base

A base with casters and a locking mechanism is another style utilized in the packaging industry. Due to the swivel casters located at the bottom, these bases don’t require a forklift and can be effortlessly moved within a facility. After all, smooth material flow movement is essential for any company and this base style provides that benefit.

In order to safely handle and transport the heavy loads, these custom fabricate bases are designed and built to overcome the pressure that the packaged objects provide. For this reason, rigid steel tubes are welded together to form the base frame along with 4 casters fastened on each corner. Also, a floor lock with a pedal is bolted at the bottom to ensure that the frame can lock into place when needed, and unlock when movement is required.

Custom Fabricate Base Styles 2
3. Low Profile Base

The most commonly utilized base for steel racks is the low profile base. This base style option is the most cost-effective solution and contains similar benefits to the other custom fabricate styles. Surely, this frame is durable and can hold the weight of a heavy load, but what separates this base from the others is the basic design structure that leads to lower materials costs and time saving.

Since this base is shorter in height, this will save space vertically and will be essential to the vertical stacking amount. In fact, the steel tubes that make up the frame is what will enable the forklift forks to enter and lift these bases to stack one on top of another. Essentially, these bases function well under pressure and are a great option for companies to save costs all while maintaining the same benefits.

Custom Fabricate Base Styles 2




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