4 Reliable Material Handling Options

What are the the best options for material handling?

Material handling containers consists of a variety of options to choose from in the packaging industry. The overall size of the material handling product will rely on the size of the part and the target quantity you plan to achieve (the larger the part with a higher target goal consequently means the larger the product will be).

Here are a few options for you to explore when you are considering to purchase a similar product:

1. Hand Held Plastic Tote Container

Smaller parts are recommended to be assembled and packaged in hand held tote containers. Typically, there will be Interior dunnage designed, manufactured and fastened inside the container to secure the component in transit.

Plastic corrugated dividers are the common choice to separate parts in the container during the loading process. Also, there are other options like fabric inserts that can be utilized to create pockets for each part (known as cells).

Container sizes vary but the most common size utilized is the 24” (Length) X 22” (Width) due to its efficient storage capacity when loaded on pallets. As a result, these containers are stacked high to achieve a greater volume.

Material Handling
2. Custom Tote Container

In addition to the various standard size tote containers, a custom size tote can be assembled to accommodate for non-standard size containers. Uniquely, the tote can be built to any size to accommodate a variety of applications. As a result, custom totes are an efficient material handling product for daily usage.

Stacking corners are incorporated in all custom built containers to enable the stacking function for optimal storage results. Similarly, these custom totes have plastic corrugate dunnage incorporated on the inside to hold supplies firmly.

Material Handling
3. Bulk Bin Plastic Container

Larger parts are recommended to be assembled and packaged in bulk containers. The bulk containers have a wide variety of selection when it comes to overall sizes, which is why they make great material handling products, but the most common size utilized is the 48” (length) X 45” (width) X 50” (height) due to its efficient storage capacity when fully loaded in a truck. Consequently, these containers are stacked high to achieve a greater volume.

There is a top load and side load options with the top load being the more cost effective solution. Also, the bottom of these bins contain pockets for the forklift forks to enable easy movement and stacking of these containers.

Interior dunnage such as crosslink foams, plastic corrugated sheets and fabric inserts are the best choice for the bulk bins when producing the holding mechanism.

Material Handling Bulk Container
4. Custom Fabricate Steel Racks

Smaller and larger parts can both be a great fit in a uniquely designed custom fabricate steel rack as any size can be manufactured to assure the best fit possible. However, a common width dimension of 48” is typically used to effectively place these racks side to side in the freight trailer.

The stacking caps on top of the corner posts enable these racks to stack high to achieve a greater volume and optimize storage space in all facilities.

Fabric bags, vacuum formed trays, HDPE/UHMW plastics, and formed channels with XLPE foams can be used to create the holding mechanism for various component parts. Similar to the bulk containers, the bottom of these racks contain pockets for the forklift forks to enable easy movement.

Steel Racks Material Handling
Material Handling
Material Handling
Material Handling Bulk Container
Steel Racks Material Handling




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