Useful Strategies Utilized In the Rack Industry

What Strategies Are Implemented In The Rack Industry?

In the rack industry, there are certain strategies utilized to help facilitate the material flow process. To elaborate, these strategies are put in place to help produce the packaging product within budget and on time. Similar to all industries, the time and capital savings are vital for long term success. Therefore, strategies like these are implemented to efficiently build products.

In the packaging industry, the strategy begins with a design and development plan. The reason for this is because any product that requires custom packaging will need a unique plan and design. Next, the following strategy will consist of a single prototype build of the design. After that, the prototype is carefully examined for any errors and fixed if any are found. Finally, the last strategy will be the full production run of the prototype once the prototype is approved. Certainly, you want to ensure the sample is correct prior to producing a mass amount of packaging products.

Our goal is to create innovative value and quality solutions for all customers. In order to accomplish this goal, we need to ensure that these innovative solutions positively impact the overall logistics price. That being said, we carefully implement strategies to help lower price points and increase value for all phases of development. In this article, we will discuss different rack industry strategies and explain how they help facilitate the overall process.

1. Rack Industry Strategy #1 – Design & Development

The first strategy utilized in the rack industry is the design and development strategy. The way this works is simple, an experienced design engineer will create a feasible plan to efficiently design the rack. Following that, the rack model is formed in a 3D software, and later placed on a concept print. Ultimately, the comprehensive concept print will contain all the details required to build the prototype.

The accuracy and clarity of the design needs to be precise as design engineering requires tight tolerances. Basically, if a rack cannot exceed certain dimensions or ergonomic limits, then the engineer must be vigilant and careful when designing. Also, the plan put in place will dictate that final price of the rack, so an effective initial approach will be essential. In essence, this strategy is instrumental to a successful rack build and will always be the first stage of the overall process.

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2. Rack Industry Strategy #2 – Prototype Build

The next strategy used in the rack industry is the prototype build strategy. Essentially, a prototype is a physical sample of the design produced in the previous strategy. To clarify, the main purpose of the prototype is to capture any errors made in the initial stage. That being said, a full analysis of the sample will be conducted and a revision will be issued if any major errors are detected. Consequently, the revision is issued back to the designer to fix and a new concept print is generated for the full production run.

This strategy saves a lot of time and capital in the rack industry. The reason is because you won’t have to waste a high quantity of racks due to an undetected inaccuracy. Without this method, the process would be extremely flawed and an increased amount of errors would ultimately compromise the project. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to perfectly produce every rack on the first trial, which emphasises the importance of a prototype. Overall, this strategy is essential and should always be applied to all projects to obtain optimal results.

3. Rack Industry Strategy #3 – Mass Production

The final strategy in the rack industry is the mass production strategy. After the prototype is approved, the full production will commence. To further explain, a high quantity of racks are built to the exact replica of the approved sample. For this reason, all racks produced going forward will be extremely accurate due to the implementation of the previous two strategies. Lastly, an adequate lead time is presented to the customer to inform them how long the production run will last.

A weekly updated schedule is sent to the customer to keep them up to date. Surely, they will be aware of any unexpected issues or delays with this monitoring schedule system. To clarify, on time delivery is crucial for the customer as they expect the racks to arrive in a timely manner for their own production. Finally, once this final strategy is complete, then it means the end of the rack building process and the customer should’ve gained tremendous value from this effective cycle.


The best useful strategies utilized in the rack industry are what deliver the maximum value. The process will always begin with the design and development plan. The reason for this is because the rack design requires brain storming to find a robust and functioning solution. Therefore, multiple solutions are presented to the customer to confirm which direction the project will take.

The prototype strategy will follow the design and development strategy. As mentioned earlier, you cannot skip this step because it’s essential for saving an abundance of time and capital. Without the use of this strategy, it will be nearly impossible to mass produce an accurate rack.

The final strategy is basically mass producing the prototype. To emphasize, the only time it’s safe to begin the mass production is when the sample is fully approved. As a result, the full cycle will be complete with high accuracy once all three strategies are utilized in chronologic order.

To summarize, all three strategies need to be implemented as they each play a vital role in the success of a rack building project. If you are unsure about the entire process or don’t know where to start, then please contact a packaging professional to guide you and to provide you with the best optimal solution.





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