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The Practical Returnable Packaging Solution

A custom returnable packaging solution is essentially a unique design to improve logistics and product safety. After all, mostly all products require some sort of packaging no matter the shape or size. In fact, each product will receive a different style of packaging as the styles depend on multiple factors, such as: weight, delicacy, application, texture, and size.

In the packaging industry, custom returnable packaging are frequently used as they can cut down costs in the long run and save on material waste. The reason this option offers significantly less waste is because you typically reuse returnable packaging instead of discarding them. Also, as time goes on, the robust structure build on these packaging styles will outlast the competition, which inevitably saves time and capital.

Cost savings in any sector for any size company is crucial and always beneficial, so why not save costs in the packaging sector as there are many variables that can impact the overall pricing of logistics. As a matter of fact, our packaging design and build system is utilized every day to ensure companies receive the best pricing and solution for their packaging needs. In this article, we will discuss different styles of custom returnable packaging solutions and explain how they can beneficial to your company.

1. Hand Held Container Returnable Packaging Solution

Hand held totes are smaller standard plastic containers that come in a variety of sizes. Usually, this solution is the most viable option when the product that requires packaging is smaller and lighter. During the design stage, a unique style of the dunnage will be created to hold multiple parts for a greater logistics value, which results in an outstanding returnable packaging solution. To clarify, the term dunnage is basically the internal packaging that’s custom cut and built to be fastened or placed into a returnable container for the product to securely rest on.

Given that the customer’s products are all different shapes and sizes, therefore, unique designs are made and built with various reusable materials to accommodate all commodities. To be specific, the most common material used for these totes to form the interior dunnage is plastic corrugated. The plastic corrugated material is cut to a custom size to form pockets and fastened inside of the tote for the product to rest in. As a result, a high quantity of the particular product can be transported safely between locations, as they can be loaded and unloaded into the pockets with ease.

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2. Bulk Container Returnable Packaging Solution

Bulk containers are basically bigger containers that also come in various standard sizes. Since these containers are durable and are utilized for heavy duty, they’re capable of packaging larger and heavier products. Essentially, a larger custom dunnage is cut and placed inside of the container when the customer requires a part to be packaged. That being said, the part will either rest inside of a pocket or on multiple cross link foam rails.

Cross link foams are commonly utilized for the interior dunnage for this style of packaging. To explain, the exact contour of the product will be cut into the foam rail to hold the product firm during transportation. Also, to ensure the product remains secure during any sort of vibration, foam rails will be installed on both sides of the part to capture and protect the part from damaging. After all, bulk containers are a remarkable returnable packaging solution as they enable a high quantity of larger parts to be packaged at a cost-effective rate.

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3. Steel Rack Returnable Packaging Solution

When the product that requires packaging is very large and heavy, then custom steel racks will be the viable solution. Certainly, this robust option will be the most efficient way to safely accommodate the product as the previous options cannot handle an extremely heavy load. In order to hold the weight of all the parts, a strong internal steel dunnage will be necessary. Also, cross link foam rails can be utilized to hold the parts as well, but it will require a steel frame underneath to ensure the dunnage doesn’t fail and break when the package is fully loaded.

There are many different styles of steel racks that are used for the internal holding mechanism. For example, rack styles like cantilever and fabric bag racks are commonly utilized to obtain a high quantity of parts per shipment, which results in a safe and cost savings package. Essentially, all the types of steel racks can effectively provide the strength to hold multiple large products and are more than capable of handling a heavy load. Ultimately, products of all sizes require a packaging solution and welded steel frames will always be an amazing returnable packaging solution.

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4. Returnable Pallet Solution

Returnable pallets are an economical and environmentally friendly option for companies trying to streamline their supply chain operations. Returnable pallets, as opposed to single-use pallets, are made to be used repeatedly, which minimizes waste and the need for frequent replacements. These sturdy pallets are constructed from materials that can survive frequent handling and transit, such metal or plastic. Businesses can save money in the long run and considerably reduce their environmental impact by implementing returnable pallets into their operations. The initial investment in returnable pallets is often offset by the reduction in ongoing pallet purchase costs, making them a smart choice for eco-conscious and budget-savvy businesses alike.

In addition to economic and environmental benefits, returnable pallets improve supply chain efficiency and reliability. They are designed to meet standardized dimensions, ensuring compatibility with a variety of handling and storage systems. This standardization streamlines procedures, from warehousing to shipping, resulting in fewer delays and damages. Furthermore, returnable pallets frequently include monitoring features, allowing firms to monitor their pallets throughout the logistics cycle. This increased visibility aids in inventory control and reduces the likelihood of loss or theft. Overall, implementing returnable pallets is a strategic decision that can increase operational efficiency, promote sustainability, and ultimately drive corporate success.

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The best returnable packaging solution to choose from will depend on the size of the product that requires packaging. For smaller and lighter parts, the hand held container with internal dunnage will be the best option, and for larger and heavier parts, the bulk container or steel rack returnable solutions will fit best. If you are unsure which option to choose from or where to start, then please contact a packaging professional to guide you and to provide you the best optimal solution.

Any shape or size product can be successfully packaged with precise design engineering. To explain, a 3d model of the internal dunnage can be formed around the shape of the product to ensure an optimal fitting. After the design is complete, the dunnage will be built and fastened inside one of these three returnable packaging solution options. In summary, all three of these options are fully capable of safely transporting and handling all products as they’re designed and built to protect objects from damage, but only one option will provide the best value for your company and contacting a professional packaging company is highly recommended.

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