The 3 Returnable Packaging Solution Secrets You Never Knew!


In today’s world, consumers are more aware of the environment and care about the impact they have on it. This is why many companies are making an effort to find ways to reduce their environmental footprint. One of these ways is by using a returnable packaging solution. It can be a great way to reduce waste, create less pollution, and save money in the long run. In this article we will go over 3 returnable packaging solution secrets you never knew!

1. The Custom Packaging Factor

Custom returnable packaging is an innovative way to offer a returnable packaging solution that can be customized to suit any company’s needs. All components can be uniquely packaged since most returnable packaging companies are capable of custom designing. Ideally, a design engineer will guide the customer through the design process and provide multiple packaging solutions along the way.

The custom returnable packing product will be designed on a 3D software prior to build. As a result, the customer will be able to visually see the final packaging product and can either decide to change or approve the package. This standard practice saves time for any project as it minimizes errors and maximizes efficiency. Once the custom design is approved, then the building process commences and the final returnable packaging solution will arrive at the customer’s facility.

2. The Cost-Effectiveness of Returnable Packaging

It has been estimated that around one-third of the total cost for a company in the US is related to waste management. This includes all costs associated with disposing, recycling and/or reusing waste material. Consequently, businesses can use their resources more efficiently by cutting back on the amount of raw materials they need to purchase, as well as reducing their shipping expenses and storage costs. That being said, a system to reduce costs in any sector is imperative for any size company and this system is essential for packaging.

The cost of returnable packaging is often cheaper than single use packages because you can reuse them for a period of time before they are disposed of. It is a cost-effective solution for many companies as it eliminates the need to buy new packaging every time they need to send out an order. Overall, the materials utilized for a sustainable returnable packaging solution are typically long lasting, reusable, robust, and recyclable.

3. The Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of using a returnable packaging solution is less than that of non-reusable ones, since the materials used in it are not wasted and are often reused. A viable returnable packaging solution will reduce the amount of energy needed for production, transportation, and disposal of cardboard boxes and other materials that are used for one-time use.

Packages that are not returned can be a burden on the environment. In order to reduce the amount of waste, it is important to use a returnable package solution. One way to do this is by designing packaging for products so that they can be reused. If the vast majority of companies in the world today were to switch to exclusively using returnable packaging, then the environment as a whole would greatly benefit which results in a safer future.


The main goal of packaging materials is to protect the product from damage and contamination during transportation, storage and display. A returnable packaging solution will help companies save time and money on packaging production, reduce waste, increase sustainability, and improve customer satisfaction.

Returnable packaging solutions offer a better alternative to the conventional packaging. Hence, companies are now using returnable packaging solutions for their products. This system is a great way for businesses to cut down on costs while they help the environment.

In summary, returnable packaging is highly recommended for companies to use as the benefits are immense. If you are unsure which option to choose from or where to start, then please contact a packaging professional to guide you and to provide you with the best optimal solution.



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