The 5 Superior Steel Rack Types

What Does a Steel Rack Mean in the Packaging World?

Steel racks are steel frames uniquely designed with internal dunnage to carry any size or shape component product from one location to another. Basically, when a customer needs their products transported safely and efficiently, they will request a design to carry that specific product in transit without any damage.

In this article, we will discuss 5 different creative styles that are utilized today in the automotive packaging industry:

1. Bag Racks

Bag racks are essential in the industry as they provide easy access to parts along with a high density case study. For this reason, the operator can load and unload products with ease and in a timely manner.

This type of steel rack has fabric bags assembled and secured with multiple steel rods. Also, due to the base structure, these racks can be treated as portable racks and provides easy material flow movement.

Steel Rack - Bag Rack
2. Rotate Bag Racks

Rotate bag racks can achieve greater density studies in contrast to the regular bags racks because of the double sided entry. Since there are double the amount of fabric bags (one on each side), then there will be double the amount of products loaded onto each rack.

Bag carts enable easy mobility for operators without the need of a forklift because of the casters located at the bottom. As a result, these are a great option if the products require movement within the plant and they’re also ideal on an assembly line.

3. Gas Shock Racks

Gas shock racks are great for adding layers which increases product quantity per rack. Ultimately, higher product quantity will be achieved with this method as it allows for more shelves as opposed to the typical rigid shelf rack.

This type of steel rack provides a smooth lifting motion which enhances safety. As a result, they provide easy shelf mobility and are operator friendly.

Steel Rack - Gas-shocks
4. Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are another unique style in the steel rack catalogue as they are easy to build and use. Since there are typically only a few rods extruding internally, it makes it easier for the manufacturer to build and for the operator to load and unload products.

The costs to manufacture these types of racks are usually lower due to the fact that there will be less steel utilized. In fact, cantilever racks can not only save you on capital, but can also be a viable option for increasing product quantity due to the simplicity of the design.

Steel Rack - Walk In Cantilever Rack
5. Collapsible Racks

Collapsible racks are a great option when returning racks because the collapsible feature enables increased storage efficiency during transportation. Basically, since these racks can collapse and save space vertically, it results in a less fleet size as less transportation trucks will be required.

This steel rack is stackable in both forms (pre-collapsed and collapsed), which ultimately saves you floor space as well. In conclusion, the cost savings for these racks are simply because they have the ability to collapse and make themselves more compact when they’re empty.

Steel Rack - Bag Rack
Steel Rack - Gas-shocks
Steel Rack - Walk In Cantilever Rack




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