Material Flow Racks


1. Customizable Material Flow Racks

Our unique material flow racks are built to your specifications. We work with you to understand your workflow, space limits, and material handling needs before designing racks to optimize material flow for your specific processes.

2. Efficient Space Utilization

Our material flow racks are designed to make the most of available space. They maximize space utilization with their smart and compact designs, allowing for organized storage and efficient material flow throughout your operation.

3. Streamlined Processes

By providing dedicated places for different materials and components, our customizable racks help expedite your processes. As a result, this makes it easier to identify, retrieve, and refill items, reducing the time and effort necessary for material handling.

4. Materials Utilized

Constructed from robust materials like steel , custom material flow racks are built to endure the load and demands of automotive components.

5. Inventory Management Enhancement

By utilizing these racks within your warehouse, you can precisely manage stock levels, eliminate surplus inventory, and prevent stock outs. Ultimately, this provides clear visibility and simple access to stored items, ensuring seamless production or order fulfillment.

6. Load Capacities

You may select the ideal rack size for your particular needs because they have a wide range of weight capacities. Essentially, there are racks that range from lightweight for small objects to heavy-duty for large objects.

7. Simple Integration

The utilization of these racks can work in harmony with automated packaging systems, which would cut down on manual labor and increase productivity.

8. Ergonomic Design

Our racks have been ergonomically designed to encourage healthy posture and limit the danger of injury by delivering materials at ergonomic heights.

9. Scalability and Adaptability

Material flow racks are made to expand with your business and adapt as it changes. They are simple to extend or reconfigure as necessary, letting you adjust to changing demands and gradually improving your material flow.

10. Custom Solutions

As an automotive racking manufacturer, we provide custom solutions to meet specific storage needs. Consequently, we can create any size material flow rack and adjust to any requirements, taking into account issues like size, weight, and storage density.

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Material Flow Racks
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Plexform specializes in returnable packaging and material handling solutions such as custom steel racks and interior bulk container/tote dunnage. Our mission is to reduce transportation costs and product damage by producing custom packaging specifically tailored to each unique part.

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