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Customize Your Own & Get a FREE Estimate!

Simply e-mail us at sales@plexformps.com with all your information

OR call us today & speak to one of our packaging professionals

1. Adjustable Dividers for Varied Products

Divider racks can be designed with adjustable dividers to fit a wide range of product sizes. This versatility ensures that the racks may be customized to the exact size of your inventory, providing a versatile and scalable solution.

2. Automated Systems Integration

A divider rack is a perfect fit for automated material handling systems in this day of automation. The entire effectiveness of warehouse operations is improved by this connection, facilitating a more seamless flow of goods into and out of storage.

3. Secure Stacking for Transport

This divider rack can make it easier to arrange goods safely during transit. The well-arranged sections guarantee that goods stay in their assigned areas, lowering the possibility of damage occurring while in transit and optimizing logistics. For transportation trucks to maximize space, this safe stacking is essential.

4. Reduced Shifting During Transit

Divider racks’ ability to allow compartmentalization reduces the amount of time that objects are moved while in transit. By ensuring that goods reach their destination in the same state as when they left the warehouse, this movement reduction increases customer satisfaction and minimizes losses.

5. Quick Retrieval and Accessibility

Finding items from divider racks is quick and easy. Warehouse staff can discover and access things more quickly because each item has its own assigned place. This speedy retrieval is crucial in fast-paced warehouse situations.

6. Enhanced Product Protection

The segmented design and build protects stored items more effectively. Fragile objects are kept separate to reduce the risk of damage during storage or transport. This protective function improves the overall longevity of your inventory.

7. Organized Inventory Management

These racks play a significant role in a well-organized inventory control facility. Warehouse workers can quickly identify, count, and manage inventory when products are clearly labeled and arranged in a clean manner. Error risk is decreased and material handling procedures are streamlined using this methodical approach.

8. Adjustable Configurations

Divider racks’ adaptable layouts are one of their best qualities. Since the dividers can be cut to any shape or size, you can customize them to fit the exact measurements of your products. This flexibility guarantees a customized solution for your particular storage requirements.

9. Durable Construction

A divider rack is built from durable materials such as steel or sturdy plastics. This makes them resilient to the stresses of a busy warehouse and offers a reliable option for the safe storage and movement of items.

10. Collaboration

By standardizing packaging and logistics processes, these customized racks promote smooth coordination and improve overall supply chain efficiency.


Divider racks are more than just storage solutions; they are strategic tools that significantly improve warehouse and transportation efficiency. Their segmented design, long-lasting structure, and adaptability make them important tools for achieving ordered and optimized material handling processes inside your company’s operations.



Plexform specializes in returnable packaging and material handling solutions such as custom steel racks and interior bulk container/tote dunnage. Our mission is to reduce transportation costs and product damage by producing custom packaging specifically tailored to each unique part.

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