Creative Custom Foam Packaging Products

What Are Some Creative Custom Foam Packaging Products?

Custom foam packaging products are essentially cross link foams that are uniquely designed and cut to the exact specifications of the product. For this reason, parts that require packaging can simply and firmly rest in the foam cut out. To clarify, a 3D model is initially designed to confirm the exact shape of the product cut out in the cross link foams.

In the packaging industry, custom foam packaging products are a common method utilized to enhance product safety and lower overall costs. The reason for this is because the cross link foams utilized are durable and cost-effective. Also, the material waste savings are enhanced since these products are reusable and last longer than the alternative solutions.

Our packaging design team can design a variety of custom foam packaging solutions to help companies receive the best price for their packaging needs. In fact, these innovative solutions can impact the overall logistics price as the design ensures the highest quantity of packaged products. In this article, we will discuss different styles of custom foam packaging products and explain how they can be beneficial to your company.

1. Hand Held Custom Foam Packaging

Hand held totes are commonly utilized as cross link foams are cut and assembled into them. Usually, a design is produced within the inside dimensions of the container to accommodate for the products. The way this works is simple, an experienced design engineer will trace the exact shape of the part onto a foam pad in a 3D software, and later it will be waterjet cut and assembled into the tote. Since the cut out in the foam pad is precisely cut to the contour of the part, the product will remain firm and safe in all circumstances.

Multiple parts can be packaged in one hand held container with a creatively designed package. As a result, different shapes and sizes can be cut out and placed into a single pad to create this diverse package. For this reason, the customer can take advantage of this method as they’re able to package multiple smaller products in one tote, which ultimately saves material and costs. In essence, this custom foam packaging solution is a viable option for packaging a variety of compact products at a cost-effective rate.

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2. Bulk Container Custom Foam Packaging

Bulk container custom foam packaging products are also commonly used in the packaging world. Similar to the hand held totes, these container styles will consist of custom cut cross link foams, but these foams will be in the form of long rails. Essentially, these foam rails will consist of several cut outs across the rail that will be in the shape of the product. That being said, the part will rest firmly inside of the cut outs on multiple cross link foam rails in the container.

The main reason to utilize this style of packaging is when the part is too large for a smaller hand held container. Basically, when the product is large, foam rails will be required to capture both ends of the part to enable a simple handling process. Also, the foam rails will help restrain the product from excessive movement within the container to avoid damage. Overall, this custom foam packaging solution is reliable and is a great choice to improve any material flow movement.

3. Steel Rack Custom Foam Packaging

The final creative custom foam products can be found in certain types of steel racks. Essentially, steel racks with long cross link foam rails are utilized when parts are too long and heavy. Similar to the bulk container option, these racks will have long rails on both sides of the parts to ensure product safety. Typically, these rack styles are more expensive than the alternative options, but they’re required in most cases due to the robust structure.

The creativity for the custom foam packaging is once again created by the packaging design engineer. Surely, the designer will position the foam rails in a certain location within the rack, and will once again cut out the foams to the outline of the product. Also, stronger cross link foam rails will need to be utilized for heavier products. In essence, this style is chosen because the overall frame is more durable and rigid, which ultimately lasts longer and can hold a heavier load.

Creative Custom Foam Packaging Products 3

The best option to choose from will depend on the shape and size of the product being packaged. For smaller parts, use a hand held container, for larger parts, use either a bulk container or steel rack. To clarify, the overall weight of the package after it’s fully loaded will dictate your decision between a bulk container and a steel rack.

In order to successfully and creatively produce custom foam products, a 3D model of the package is essential to accurately build the holding mechanism for all products. Without the use of a design software, it will be nearly impossible to precisely construct a packaging product as all the work would have to be done manually.

In summary, all three of these options are fully capable of safely transporting and handling products as they’re designed and built to protect objects from damage. If you are unsure which option to choose from or where to start, then please contact a packaging professional to guide you and to provide you the best optimal solution.





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