Affordable Metal Storage Bins

What Affordable Options Exist In The Market Today?

Metal storage bins are reliable and durable as these bins are capable of handling a heavy load. For this reason, all steel structured bins allow you to store a variety of heavy objects (such as steel parts). In addition, these affordable metal storage bins contain stacking features on top of all four corners which enables vertical stacking for optimizing warehouse storage. Also, the base portion is uniquely designed to allow a forklift to lift from the bottom and to move these bins with ease.

In the packaging industry, there are a variety of metal storage bins to choose from. Each bin delivers great value but at different price points. The reason for this is because the build structure differs for all the bin styles. For example, one bin will consist of a solid steel wall frame while the other will consist of a steel wire mesh frame. Therefore, the pricing will be significantly different for both options but they will still provide a robust and viable solution for the customer.

A drop down door can be implemented on either side of these metal storage bins. Ultimately, it will be the decision of the customer on whether or not to have these doors included in the final design. Our packaging design team can design a variety of different steel bin styles to help provide the best pricing. In this article, we will discuss these different styles of affordable metal storage bins and explain the differences between them.

1. Wire Mesh Bin with a Locking Drop Door Gate

The first style utilized by customers is the wire mesh bin with a locking drop door gate. Usually, a design is produced for this style of bin to visually see how these drop doors will function prior to build. The way this works is simple, an experienced design engineer will retrieve all the information from the customer (overall dimensions, bin style, etc.) and fully mock up a custom design. To clarify, the customer can have any size dimension they need as all metal storage bins are fully customizable.

Since these bins are custom designed to the customer’s requirements, this means they can have locking drop door gates on as many sides as they please. With this specific style, handles on each side of the drop door will function as the locking mechanism. In addition, the base is designed for lifting purposes and the top and bottom corners are designed to enable the stacking ability.

In contrary to the other styles, these walls are made with square wire mesh steel panels, which makes this style of bin transparent. Essentially, this custom wire mesh bin solution is a viable option and is a great choice for anyone searching for a reliable metal storage bin.

Affordable Metal Storage Bins 1
2. Solid Panel Bin with a Locking Drop Door Gate

The second style utilized in the metal storage bins catalogue is the solid panel bin with locking drop door gates. To clarify, this style (as well as the wire mesh bin style) can be designed and produced with no doors as this is fully optional. The reason to add doors is to allow easy access for the operators. That being said, these bins require a functional design as the customer can fully customize this bin to their liking.

Since the customer can dictate the length, width, height, and number of drop doors, this means they can take advantage of customizing the price points. Surely, the more doors added and the longer and taller they decide to make these bins, the higher the price will be. Also, in contrary to the wire mesh bin, these bins have a solid frame structure and are not transparent.

With this specific style, a spring loaded plunger on each side of the door will function as the locking mechanism. To reiterate, the base is also designed for lifting purposes and the top and bottom corners are also designed to enable the stacking ability. After all, this solid panel bin is an amazing option for a durable and robust metal storage bin, which can store steel parts and many other heavy objects.

3. Corrugated Bin

TThe final creative solution in the affordable metal storage bins catalogue is the corrugated bin. Essentially, this option is a simple frame with thin “corrugated” steel walls. All the walls including the base will consist of these “curvy” sheet metal panels. For this reason, this bin style will be the most cost-effective solution as these panels provide the best material pricing.

Similar to the previous metal storage bins, these bins are customizable to any size and possess a variety of modification options. However, this corrugated panel bin has its own unique stacking style as the top and bottom corners are designed differently. In essence, this corrugated bin is a feasible option if you are looking for a cheaper steel bin.

Affordable Metal Storage Bins 3

The best option to choose from will depend on the customer’s preferences. If they want extra strength and durability for storing heavy steel parts, then the solid panel bin is the right choice but it’s also the most expensive. If they want a reliable bin within a certain price range, then either the wire mesh bin or the corrugated bin will be the best options.

These affordable metal storage bins are customizable due to the custom fabrication process, which enable easy modifications. Basically, once the design is complete and the customer approves the model, then the manufacturing team will build to the exact requirements. To be clear, these designs are absolutely free here at Plexform as we cherish the opportunity to provide a quote for any company.

In summary, all three of these options are fully capable of safely handling products as they’re robust and reliable. If you are unsure which option to choose from or where to start, then please contact a packaging professional to guide you and to provide you with the best optimal solution.





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