3 Essential Phases for Product Engineering

What is Product Engineering?

Product engineering is the full process of developing a product from the initial design to the final manufacturing stage. In addition, there are other important factors involved in the process of product engineering like dealing with issues of cost, quality, performance, and user features.

There are quite a few steps to cover for product engineering, but in this article we will focus on the 3 most important phases for a successful project build.

1. Product Design & Development

Initially, when commencing a new project you typically have requirement specifications to fulfill from the customer. For this reason, the product engineering team must develop feasible solutions for the problems that occur on this project.

Once the solution is confirmed and agreed by the customer, a design is produced to visually prove and show how the product will work and how it will benefit them. After, a fully detailed concept print is created to provide the manufacturing team with all the details and instructions for efficiently building this product.

Product Engineering-1
2. Product Testing

In order confirm that the product is fully functional prior to a mass production, a prototype is built for trial and inspection. In the case of returnable packaging, a sample is made to confirm the part fit size along with the overall build structure size. If any errors are found in prototype stage, then changes will be noted and made by the product engineering team (known as a ‘revision’).

A lead time (start to finish timeframe) is provided to the customer so they will get a better understanding of when they will receive the final product. Therefore, the customer can anticipate the product arrival and can schedule their own production with the assumption that the product you provide is essential to their work flow structure.

Product Engineering-2
3. Product Manufacturing

After the prototype is confirmed to be correct and the customer is fully satisfied with the sample, then a mass production takes place to fulfill the order. As the production takes place, updates are provided to the customer in a weekly manner to enable them to keep track of the production schedule.

In conclusion, the process began with the solution, followed by the design and prototype, and finished with the full production run being shipped to the customer in a timely manner.

Product Engineering-1
Product Engineering-2




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