Discover the Meaning of Dunnage

What is Dunnage & How Does It Relate to Packaging?

The dunnage meaning in the packaging world is the interior structure of a package that firmly holds the product into place. Basically, it’s the assembled material inside of any package that has been custom cut and built to the specifications of the part.

In this article, we will discuss a few different examples of dunnage and explain why they’re essential for packaging.

Hand Held Tote Dunnage

Hand held totes are standard plastic containers that come in various sizes. Typically, these totes will be utilized when the product that requires packaging is smaller and lighter. During the design stage, a unique style of the dunnage will be created to hold multiple parts for a greater logistics value.

The most common material used for these totes to form the interior dunnage is plastic corrugated. Ultimately, the plastic corrugated is cut to a custom size to form pockets and fastened inside of the tote for the product to rest in. As a result, a high quantity of the particular product can be loaded and unloaded inside of these pockets with ease, and can be transported safely between locations.

dunnage packaging
Bulk Container Dunnage

Bulk containers are essentially bigger containers that also come in various standard sizes. Due to the larger size, these containers are capable of packaging larger and heavier products. Basically, when a customer requires a package for a large part, a custom dunnage will be cut and placed inside of the container for the part to sit in comfortably.

Cross link foams are commonly utilized for the interior dunnage. To explain, a foam rail will be cut to the exact contour of the product to hold the product firm during transportation. In fact, there will be foam rails on both sides of the part to ensure the product doesn’t fall out of the dunnage when any sort of vibration occurs.

Steel Rack Dunnage

Steel racks are custom sized frames and are necessary for packaging, especially when the product is very heavy and large. Given that the previous options are not viable for oversized heavier parts, this robust option will be the most efficient to safely accommodate the product. Surely, a strong dunnage will be required to hold the weight of all the parts and this durable option works best.

There are many different types of dunnage that are used for the internal holding mechanism, but in this article we will focus on the steel cantilever solution. Essentially, this type of package can effectively provide the strength to hold multiple large products as the extruding steel dunnage can handle a heavy load. After all, products of all sizes require a packaging solution and welded steel frames like this will always be an amazing solution for the larger parts.

dunnage packaging
dunnage packaging
dunnage packaging
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Other Keypoints

Customizing Your Dunnage Packaging

Customizing your dunnage packaging can improve the safety and efficiency of moving and storing items. Companies can customize dunnage packaging to match the exact dimensions and specifications of their products. This change ensures that each object is tightly secured in position, reducing mobility and potential damage. Also, companies that engage in custom dunnage packing reduce the chance of product damage, resulting in lower return rates and higher customer satisfaction.

Implementing Dunnage Packaging in Industrial Operations

Implementing dunnage packaging in industrial processes is critical to ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods. Dunnage packaging offers critical support and protection, reducing damage during handling and transportation. Companies that use dunnage packing can considerably reduce the risk of product breakage, resulting in fewer returns and increased customer satisfaction. This protective packing is especially important in businesses where objects are sensitive or prone to harm, providing assurance that products will arrive in excellent condition.

The Importance of Dunnage Packaging

Dunnage packaging is essential for keeping products safe throughout transportation and storage. This style of packaging reduces movement, lowering the chance of damage from shocks and vibrations. This protection is critical for industries that handle fragile or sensitive objects, ensuring that commodities arrive at their destination in excellent shape. Investing in superior dunnage packing can considerably reduce the frequency of product damage, resulting in fewer returns and further improving customer satisfaction.

Key Considerations for Choosing Dunnage Packaging

To ensure best protection and efficiency, choose the correct dunnage packing after carefully considering several critical elements. First, determine your products’ individual needs, such as weight, fragility, and size. Customizing dunnage packaging to reflect these features ensures that goods are securely in place during transit, reducing movement and potential damage during shipment. Foam or corrugated plastic provide varying levels of cushioning and support, so select the material that best meets your product’s needs.

Different Types of Dunnage Packaging

Dunnage packaging comes in a variety of shapes, with each design satisfying specific requirements for protecting goods during transit and storage. One popular form is foam dunnage, which provides good cushioning for sensitive items. Foam inserts can be custom-cut to fit a product’s unique contour, which ultimately improves the shock and vibration protection. This style of dunnage packing is perfect for electronics, glassware, and other fragile items that require special handling. Another popular variety is corrugated plastic dunnage. This material is both strong and lightweight, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications and repetitive use. Companies can modify plastic dunnage with walls and inserts to securely retain several items while maximizing space efficiency.

Benefits of Shipping Dunnage

Shipping dunnage provides crucial protection for products during shipping, ensuring that they reach in great condition. Businesses can use shipping dunnage to prevent movement and impact damage, which is especially crucial for fragile or sensitive items. This additional layer of security decreases the chance of returns and customer unhappiness, resulting in lower expenses for product replacement and loss. In addition to preserving products, shipping dunnage improves overall shipping efficiency. Properly built dunnage makes the most of container space, allowing for more efficient packing and lower shipping costs. It also allows for easier handling during the loading and unloading processes, which speeds up logistics operations.

The Versatility and Durability of Shipping Dunnage

Shipping dunnage is extremely adaptable, serving a diverse range of products and industries. Companies can adapt to fit a variety of forms and sizes with dunnage, including sensitive electronics, massive machinery pieces, and fragile glass products. This modification guarantees that each product is secure in position, lowering the likelihood of damage during transit. The versatility of shipping dunnage makes it a useful asset for firms wishing to protect a wide range of inventory types. Another significant advantage of shipping dunnage is its endurance, which ensures consistent protection over several usage. Shipping dunnage is made of sturdy materials such as foam, corrugated plastic, and molded pulp, which can endure the strains of handling and transit.



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